Your information is the information that’s required when you sign up for the site. This includes name, password, address, billing information. In some cases, you may also provide other information like your telephone number. We also receive information from you whenever you interact with Production Bulletin, such as when you search the database or download reports.

We also receive data from your computer, mobile phone or other device you use to access Production Bulletin, including when multiple users log in from the same device. This may include your IP address and other information about things like your internet service provider, location, the type (including identifiers) of browser you use, or the pages you visit. For example, we may get your GPS or other location information so we can tell if multiple users are sharing a single account.

Sometimes we get data from our affiliates or our advertising partners, customers and other third parties that help us (or them) deliver ads outside of the website, understand online activity, and generally make Production Bulletin better. For example, an advertiser may tell us information about you (like how you responded to an ad about Production Bulletin found on another site) in order to measure the effectiveness of – and improve the quality of – ads.

We do not make your information public, nor do we sell your information. While Production Bulletin may gather information (including, but not limited to what’s described above) to better enhance service, such information will never make it into the hands of third parties or other entities not owned by Production Bulletin or its affiliate companies.

We use 256-bit encryption technology and SSL certification through our hosting company to ensure user privacy. If you have any questions, please contact technical support at: