Why should I join Production Bulletin?

Every single day, professionals and vendors from virtually every area of film and television production use our list to quickly identify and connect with the often hard-to-reach decision makers behind major projects shooting around the globe. We offer the worlds largest pre-production database and publish the most comprehensive weekly breakdown of upcoming productions, and continue to be the #1 trusted source for major industry unions like IATSE and Teamsters.

Do you report on projects in my country?

Production Bulletin reports heavily on projects shooting in principal markets like the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and parts of Asia. Of course, we also try to report on projects originating and/or shooting in many other countries too.

What is the cost of your service?

The cost of membership to Production Bulletin is 39.95 USD per month and billed every 30 days for continued access.

Can I share this information?

No, individual subscriptions and the information obtained through it are limited to the subscriber only. Please contact us if you need to provide
access to multiple users.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, Production Bulletin offers discounts to members of certain trade unions, but access to these discounts are handled through the union itself – please contact your internal union rep for additional information.

Do you offer refunds?

No, Production Bulletin does not offer refunds.

How often am I billed?

We bill every 30 days.

In addition to my standard subscription, can you provide more customized weekly reporting?

Yes, we sell customizable reports for 39.95 per report in addition to our standard subscription price.

How can I communicate with customer service?

Simply visit the support section of our website.

How can I provide a testimonial?

We love all feedback. If you would like to provide a customer testimonial or just feedback in general, please feel free to email us at For testimonials we ask that you kindly provide us with your full name, a headshot, job title, and limit your feedback to 250 characters.


Why do some projects turn orange?

After viewing a project, the title instantly becomes orange. This provides you with an easy way to keep track of what projects have already been viewed.

What does the black circle with a U mean?

A black circle with the letter U in the center means a project that you have previously viewed has been updated. As soon as you view the project, the U will disappear.

How can I bookmark a project?

To bookmark a project, simply click on the bookmark icon found on the bottom right-hand corner of each project’s popup window. Once you do this, you will see a black star appear next to the project’s title within the database interface. To remove a bookmark simply repeat these steps.

How can I find projects that I’ve bookmarked?

To locate projects you’ve bookmarked, click on the up or down arrow key located in the column heading “Project” and the projects you have favorited will be grouped together and shown first.

How can I find projects shooting within a certain location?

To find projects by location, please visit the database section and enter the specific location name within the search bar, like “LOS ANGELES, CA”, “ATLANTA, GA”, “BOSTON, MA”. If you’re looking for all projects within a specific state, you’ll need to perform two separate searches. First, search the state abbreviation like “CA”, “GA”, “MA”; next search the full state name like “CALIFORNIA”, “GEORGIA”, “MASSACHUSETTS”. The same is true if you’re looking for projects that are shooting in specific countries, like “PARIS, FRA”, “FRA”, “FRANCE”. To view state and country abbreviations, simply click here.

I’m having trouble locating a project that was previously listed on your database?

Projects are generally left on the database for 90 days past the original start-date (unless we receive updates about a delay). After that, you can still find information by looking through past weekly reports.

I found incorrect information on the database, what can I do?

While we work to ensure accurate data, sometimes details change last minute and aren’t communicated outside of the production company. Please send discrepancies to so we can immediately investigate any changes that need to be made.

How do I sort the database?

To sort the database by particular fields like title, location, start date, simply click on the pyramid found in the left hand side of the column title. Click on the upper pyramid to sort ascending, and the bottom pyramid to sort descending.

How can I search the database without sorting?

To search the database without sorting, simply type a word of interest into the search field found on the upper right hand side of the database. For example, if you’re looking for projects located in Los Angeles, simply type Los Angeles.

How do I see additional information about a production or distribution company?

To view additional information, simply click on the production or distribution company name and a popup window will appear (if this doesn’t happen, you may need to disable popup blocker in your browser settings). You can then print the information by scrolling through the data and
selecting the orange print button.

I determined a project of interest, but how can I view more than just what’s visible in the database interface?

Simply click the word VIEW found on the right hand side of the database. You can then print the information by scrolling through the data and
selecting the orange print button.

What if I want to view more than just 25 entries at a time?

Users can determine the amount of entries visible per page by simply increasing or decreasing the entry count found in the Show Entries drop-down menu located on the upper left hand side of the database.


When is your weekly report published?

We publish our weekly report every Sunday.

Is there a difference in information found in the database compared to the weekly reports?

No, the weekly reports are simply a hardcopy version of the database sorted by filming location.

How do I open a weekly report?

Simply go to the Weekly Report section and click on the icon of whichever particular report you’re interested in viewing and open the PDF download.

How is the report sorted?

We sort reports by the main filming location.

Can I share the report?

Subscribers are prevented from sharing information found on; please refer to the Conditions of Use section within our Terms & Conditions.

I found incorrect information in a weekly report, what can I do?

While we work to ensure accurate data, sometimes details change last minute and aren’t communicated outside of the production company. Please send discrepancies to so we can immediately investigate any changes that need to be made.


What is the Connect With Us feature?

The quickest way to communicate with us is to send a message through the Connect With Us feature found on the bottom right-hand side of your screen. Simply enter your email address and message, and we will likely respond within the hour on weekdays between 8am and 5pm PST.

What’s quicker, email or phone support?

While both can be effective in resolving issues, we prefer e-mail. Just like most companies, we’re no longer providing a live call center, meaning you’ll have to leave a voicemail.

Where can I send an email?


Does Production Bulletin store my personal credit card Information?

No, we take substantial precautions to protect your payment information and will NEVER store such information anywhere on our website. Instead, we use 256-bit encryption technology and SSL certification to send any personal information (such as billing address, credit card number and expiration date) to the largest payment gateway service in the world which maintains your encrypted data for the purpose of future billings.

How can I update my billing information?

Updating your (Non-PayPal) billing information couldn’t be easier, simply visit the My Account section of our website.

How can I cancel my account?

While we’re sad to see you go, cancelling your account couldn’t be easier, simply visit the My Account section of our website (cancellations must occur at least 24 hours before your next renewal date).

Can I cancel my membership by phone or email?

Yes, but it’s possible we won’t receive your message and therefore continue billing. Instead, simply visit the My Account section of our website and select Cancel. If you still prefer to contact us through phone or email, you must receive an email confirming your account has been canceled before assuming you have successfully terminated your account.